The Foundation Charitable Gift Annuity

We’ll pay you to be a philanthropist.
Philanthropy for your community.
High returns for you.

With a Foundation Charitable Gift Annuity you can receive guaranteed income for life, partly tax-free, at payout rates much higher than current CDs or stock dividends. At the same time, your investment of $5,000 or more gives you the personal satisfaction of knowing that your commitment will make a difference by helping to ensure the future vitality of our Jewish community in Pittsburgh, Israel and around the world.

Foundation Charitable Gift Annuity

Example of Single-Life $10,000 Gift Annuity

November 2022 AFR 4.8%

AgeRateTotal Annual PaymentTax-Free PaymentImmediate Tax Deduction

We encourage you to contact the Foundation office at 412-992-5216 to receive an illustration of the personal and financial benefits of a charitable gift annuity.

Contact your expert in Jewish Philanthropy to learn more.

Daniel O. Brandeis, J.D., LL.M.

Daniel O. Brandeis, J.D., LL.M.

Foundation Director


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