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How Many Jews are There in America?

Pew researchers divide America’s Jews into two groups: those who are “Jews by religion”, and those who are “Jews of no religion”.
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Message of Peace

Message of Peace

Jewish Community Foundation Scholar Rabbi Danny Schiff responds to the ceasefire, sending a message of peace from Israel.
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God’s Telling Choice

God deliberately chose an individual with a disability to lead the Jewish people through the most climactic moments of Jewish history.
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If Jews could blow the shofar with hope for the year ahead on Rosh HaShanah 1945, then so can we.
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Other or Brother?

Within a worthy nation, they have silently reminded us, we are all brothers and sisters, and so we have a positive duty to be “preservers.”
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A Gold Standard for Jewish Conduct

In every financial transaction, let each of us so carry ourselves that people will be moved to bless God’s name for having had dealings with us.
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Jerusalem on the map

Yom Ha’atzmaut 2020

It is probably the first time in history that one million more Jews reside in the homeland of the Jewish people than in the next biggest Jewish community.
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Only One Guest

Only one guest will come to Seder this year. All the others who are usually at the table will not show.
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This is Not the Eleventh Plague

Too many Jews and Jewish educators are talking about the current pandemic as the "11th Plague", suggesting that it could be appropriately joined with the historic Ten Plagues that we will recall at Seder.
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Foundation Down Under 2019

Every Hour Counts

Here’s the truth that we learned in Australia: when it comes to creating a serious love of Judaism and a rooted Jewish identity, hours count.
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Six Day War

Reflections on the Anniversary of the Six Day War

Listen as Rabbi Schiff discusses the American perspective on and reaction to the Six Day War in this audio clip.
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